5 Core Values Defining EventCamp: Why is Our Community so Special?

Over the past several months I have really enjoyed watching EventCamp grow.  As a member of the “Founding Five” of EventCamp (Christina Coster, Jessica Levin, Jeff Hurt and Mike McAllen are also part of that team)  I am passionate about the future of our community.  I hope you are too!

In my mind’s eye EventCamp is an evolving  community of like-minded individuals with a passion for the events business.  Clearly, we all have different perspectives, opinions and experiences.  Our common ground is we share an interest in technology, alternative event design, and improving adult education.  We are a force, above all, that through individual contributions, can change the world of meetings, conferences and events.

“Each person shapes the EventCamp experience into their own, unique encounter. Each person who experiences an EventCamp has their own beliefs and thoughts about what EventCamp is and what it should be.” – Jeff Hurt, Founding Five, EventCamp

While Jeff made the above statement, in his blog article last week, his words are ours too, as they represent our (Founding Five) collective vision of EventCamp.  We believe each and every person joining the community can be an influential piece of its future.  It’s up to you, as individuals to decide how you wish to contribute to EventCamp’s growth.

Why is Our Community so Special?

What is it about our community, or any community, for that matter, that makes it so special?  I have been pondering this question and my instincts tell me that much of a community’s success is embedded within its core values.  Values shape a community’s culture.  If there is a consistent commitment to those values across the community then it grows, or at the very least sustains itself.

Please don’t confuse “shared values” with “compliance” as the decision to embrace a community, and its values, is voluntary, not mandatory.  I believe there needs to be leadership, within the heart of the community, to articulate, and model those values.  In other words the key to sustaining/growing a community begins with its leadership “walking the talk.”

Many challenges occurring in a community may stem from confusion regarding its values, or poor leadership.  Of course, this type of behavior may lead to a divided community.  From there things go south, if you know what I mean.  :)

5 Core Values Defining EventCamp

When I think about EventCamp, I perceive the following values define our community:

Diversity of Thought — We embrace alternative viewpoints, and fresh opinions offering expanded thinking.  The only bad idea is one that is not expressed.

Spirit of Collaboration — Our common goal is to learn from each other and build our collective library of knowledge of the events business.

Open and Honest Communications — Truth and Transparency in communications, with an eye for the health of the community, is a top priority.  Discussion regarding challenges affecting the community as a whole should be public, and freely expressed.  Withholding opinions and/or information that could be beneficial to the community conflicts with this value.

Mutual Respect– Through our actions and our words, we treat others with respect.  The “golden rule” is our compass.  We must hold each other accountable to this standard, and present open, constructive feedback to one another where appropriate.

Innovation — We view EventCamp as a learning lab, a safe space to try new ideas, and experiment with new technology.

EventCamp has come a long ways in a very short period of time.  Our community is still in its infancy.  Yet its my belief we are a group of extraordinary individuals, with the resources, expertise, vision and passion to do great things in the events business, and for one another.

I am proud to be part of this community!  If you are already involved I hope you feel the same way too.  If you have just been introduced to EventCamp, please get involved with one or all of our events.  We look forward to your participation.

Question:  What are your thoughts regarding the values expressed in this article?  Do they resonate with you?  Did I miss something?  Opinions are encouraged and welcome!


  1. Hey Mike, nice post! I love the idea of articulating and sharing the values of the #eventprofs community. I think you did a great job of articulating the vision that has helped it reach it’s success so far.

    Here’s one more value that I think #eventprofs already has that may be worth adding – “Commitment to life-long learning” With that commitment, people freely share the best information that will help each other. They help push others in the community to new heights.

  2. Mike, I think I would add generosity to this list, although it is implicit in collaboration and mutual respect. It’s hard for me to separate the values of Event Camp from the #eventprofs group, but what impresses me there is how generous people are with ideas and expertise, and how slow they are to be critical. There is a great sense of sharing and tolerance of mistakes. That creates a very nurturing space for learning.

    • Hi Barbara,

      I agree with you that this Eventprofs & EventCamp community is very unselfish in their sharing of knowledge and experience. To me that fits into collaboration, but certainly generosity is a virtue that should and is embedded within the EventCamp culture.

      Thanks for adding to the conversation and for stopping by!


  3. I LOVE this concept so much – as an event designer, meeting planner, instructor of event management – it hits it on every level about where we need to be to keep up with our participants, and I am so excited you have created this. Keep it moving and stay true to your overriding principles.Thank you!

    • Hi Tahira,

      So glad you stopped by and please feel free to subscribe to our site.

      Hopefully you will be able to participate at some level, whether as a remote participant, or a face 2 face attendee.

      Thanks for contributing to the conversation.



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