EventCamp Community to Crowdsource 2011 ECNC Session Topics

This past week has been a busy week for the EventCamp National Conference planning team. On Tuesday we announced a “Call for Presentation Proposals.” On Wednesday registration opened, and on Friday the EventCamp Online Community site was re-opened.

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This year’s ECNC theme is “Community Matters.”  In that spirit we are asking for the greater EventCamp community’s assistance, with the selection process, for this year’s concurrent session topics.

Crowdsource Session Topics for 2011 ECNC

Here’s how the process will work:

Submit Presentation Proposals — Potential presenters may submit proposed presentations to us (the planning team) between now and 5pm, CT, December 20, to presentations@eventcamp.org.  For more information on the procedures for this please read the documentation on the website.

Only those who have completed and submitted the Proposal for Education Presentations will be considered.

Voting Begins January 3, 2011 — Starting the first week of January, EventCamp attendees and prospective attendees will vote and rank proposals. The top ranking proposals will be invited to present.

Your EventCamp Community Vote Counts!

We hope you will participate in the session voting process.  By collaboratively deciding what our education content will be, our EventCamp Community will have joint ownership in the education outcome.  We are confident the 2011 ECNC program will be significantly stronger with your input.  And… we think your EventCamp experience will be enriched by it!  We hope you agree.

Question:  Do you like this approach to selecting conference sessions?  What can we do to help make your ECNC experience the best it possibly could be! Please share your thoughts and opinions with us.


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