EventCamp National Conference “Crowdsourced Session Topics” Announced

Can you believe it is Super Bowl Sunday already?  Where did January go …. More importantly, we are only five days away from the 2011 EventCamp National Conference and I am getting fired up!  Hope you are too.  :)

Members of the EventCamp community will be converging on Chicagoland on Friday, February 11 for a two day industry gathering of folks with an interest in technology and social media, for events.  If you have not registered for the event there is still time.  You simply need to click here to access the site to sign up.  For more details on the program view our conference schedule, or read our information page.

In January, we invited the EventCamp community to vote on their favorite session topics for our three (3) Crowdsourced time slots in the program.  The voting closed on January 21st and we are now pleased to announce the three sessions that were selected.  They are as follows:

Star Tech: The Next PresentationBrandt Krueger, Presenter (Saturday, 2/12 @ 10am)

Brandt Krueger

Brandt Krueger (@BrandtKrueger) wants you to think about the days when a black drape backdrop and a powerpoint presentation was pretty much the standard “look” for a presenter at a live event … then he wants you to smash that old memory and embrace the new.

Now we have a myriad of presentation and projection options to choose from, and many credible alternatives to PowerPoint. And though the imagery has changed, so has where the attendee’s attention is routinely focused (Hellllo Smartphone) … So, what’s the right mix, and how can you create the right presentation setting and tone that wows, engages, and cements your connection with your audience?

This session will be a frank discussion of the exciting (though sometimes complicated, frightening, or annoying) new options in presentation technology, as well as how speakers can be guided in dealing with both the technology at their disposal as well as that in the hands of their audience.

The Future of MeetingsJohn Nawn, Presenter (Saturday 2/12 @3pm)

John Nawn

John Nawn (@perfectmeeting) wants to go back to the future!… and delve into some emerging trends in the events world.

Peer-to-Peer learning, content co-creation, social media, and hybrid meetings are among the many emerging trends having a profound and disruptive impact on our industry. How do we design meetings, which remain relevant for attendees using these and other elements? Join us in designing the meeting of the future using design principles.

Attendee Takeaways Include:

  • Identify design principles that enhance the attendee experience
  • Utilize new methodologies to develop formal and informal learning opportunities
  • Engage participants before, during, and after the meeting

SocialCasting – Where We Are, Where We Could Go — Paul Salinger, Presenter (Sunday, 2/13 @9:30am)

Paul Salinger

Presenter Paul Salinger (@psalinger) seeks to dive into the current state of “SocialCasting” and how new technologies will enable what is next in attendee engagement.

Virtual events and hybrid events are a trend now in the event industry. This session will look at the current state of what we call “SocialCasting” and how we might begin to think about a more integrated approach to remote/live audience engagement through interactive technologies and social enabling.

Attendee Takeaways Inlude:

  • Understand how to combine existing and hybrid event models for a more strategic audience engagement
  • Identify the difference between merely live-streaming an event, web-casting an event or having a virtual event to a more robust hybrid model
  • Understand how integration of live event and remote event planning can tie to broader business and marketing objectives in terms of relationship building, building communities of interest and generating pipeline for sales outreach

Congratulations to Brandt, John and Paul for doing a great job of putting their sessions together.  We hope to see you in Chicago next weekend … It’s gonna be a great conference!


  1. Congrats, this looks like a great list! Question for EventCamp founders: will these crowdsourced sessions be livestreamed? I’d very much like to see them. Definitely more than a “continuing the conversation” or “hot topic” session. Great lineup!

    • Hi Lindsey,

      Thanks for the comments.

      To your question, we will be live streaming one session per time slot, in addition to the General Sessions and it has not been finalized which sessions will be live streamed. That will be announced soon.

      Thanks for your feedback!


  2. Ruud Janssen says:

    Looking forward to this livestream Mike. I’ll be participating & speaking at MPI’s EUROPEAN Meetings & Events conference from 13-16 Feb in Düsseldorf. Will certainly be following #ecnc stream on twitter for updates. Great lineup and good luck Brandt, John & Paul on engaging and vibrant session.
    Best regards from Sunny Switzerland,

    • Hey Ruud,

      Thanks for checking in with us from sunny Switzerland.

      Glad you will be tapping into the stream for ECNC.

      We will be making an announcement this week with info on the stream access.

      Thanks for adding to the conversation…


  3. Wow, would it have hurt me to smile in that picture? It works much better as an avatar…

    I’m honored to have been chosen to lead one of these sessions, and I’ll do my best to deliver! If folks haven’t had a chance, please stop by http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/QSND8TJ and take my ONE question survey. This’ll help me further taylor my discussion to what folks want to talk about. That’s right, I’m crowdsourcing the content for my crowdsourced session. Recursion… Whoah, it’s just like that movie Inception…

  4. Good luck to the three of you, Brandt, John, Paul and to the whole ECNC community! And congratulations too for being selected!

    I hope you will upload the videos of all presentations on YouTube or Vimeo. This way, I could share upload it to our site and hopefully share your presentations to all the others out there who believe in the power of crowdsourcing.

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