EventCamp’s Social Gaming Contest

On the last day of EventCamp I led a session with Midori Connolly (via Skype) called Winning with Social Gaming for Events. After a brief history and overview of gaming concepts, the participants were divided into four teams and were asked to create a game based on the following objectives: Education, Networking, Team Building and Problem-Solving.

Once everyone got to work on creating interactive games for events, we realized that they needed more time  to fully develop their plans. This gave us the idea to turn the session into a game of our own. We gave the teams one week to submit their final ideas and, in the spirit of EventCamp, we are crowdsourcing the winner.

The rules for voting are simple. Please read from the following submissions and vote for a winner via the Survey Monkey link.  Every person  gets one vote so you will need to submit your email address for verification. You did not need to participate in EventCamp to vote, you just have to love EVENTS! Midori and I will pick the final winner based on votes, comments and our own judgement.

As an added bonus, we are looking for ideas for prizes for the winning team. Keep in mind that there are 4-5 people per team and the prizes are being funded by Midori and I or generously donated by some undetermined source.

Review the Submissions Here:


Team Building


Problem Solving

The Contest Ends Friday, February 25th at Noon ET.


Thanks to all of the teams for the great submissions! Happy Voting!


  1. I am so darn proud and excited of our project teams. I am stupefied by the collaboration and creativity that happened in that room…such a reflection of the remarkable brainpower at EventCamp! I love this community!
    Midori Connolly, Chief AVGirl

  2. John Chen says:

    Who won??? MIDORI let me know if you run another contest!


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