The Making of an Event Camp

The Making of an Event Camp

2 parts graham wafers
1 part chocolate
1 part delicious marshmallow

Wait a minute!

That is the recipe for a s’more, not an Event Camp. To make an Event Camp you have to gently combine the following ingredients:

S’more Social Media
1 part Hybrid Technology
3 amazing Hybrid Hosts
1 mobile app with a pinch of sustainability
Many great Collaborators
A sprinkle of great presenters
1 dashing live host
100 engaged participants
2.5 days of amazing interaction

Mix it all up and what we will come away with is learning we can apply to our own organizations and businesses and both new and deeper relationships with colleagues in the industry.

Check it out at
November 4th – 6th, 2011
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Showcase You!
Please note that we have two sessions with space for presentations to be submitted. The first is Friday’s “Sparks” sessions – 30 minute sessions designed to spark discussions and generate fast ideas. The second is Sunday Morning’s Pecha Kucha sessions where we have space for an additional three submissions.  If we are fortunate enough to receive several submissions we will put these out to the Event Camp community for them to make the choice as to the sessions they want to see presented.  Deadline for Submission is October 4th at 11:46pm PST.


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