Two Concurrent EventCamps to Occur in DC and Vancouver, BC!

In February 2010 the first Event Camp took place, bringing with it a forum for learning and sharing event innovations; a place to collaborate, and connect and experiment with new formats and technologies with other keen meeting and event professionals.

On November 4th – 6th there will be two concurrent Event Camps, one in DC and one in Vancouver, Canada. We will share content and connect two coasts for a portion of the time Sunday as well, something that has not been tried yet.  Be with us and see how it works!

Event Camp East Coast will take place at the National Conference Center and is a true peer conference, following Adrian Segar’s Conferences That Work model. If you have been considering the “unconference” as it is sometimes known, this is your opportunity to try it first hand.

Event Camp Vancouver will be hosted at the Westin Bayshore Vancouver ($99 rate available until the end of this coming week!) and the Vancouver Convention Centre and the full program is available on the website. Remote program available Saturday and Sunday mornings.

We need presenters for Sparks and Pecha Kucha sessions and welcome your input – check it out.

The burning question of course is how can you justify the required investment both financially and in time? I can only share my perspective.

As Kiki L’Italien says “Event Camp fills the well”.

The people. The historical indicators are that Event Camps are creating new collaborations and business opportunities..

The experimenting – new seating formats, new learning formats including snappy sessions, deep dives, white space, gamification, inclusion of apps – try it here and see what you can take back to your own events and clients.

Breaking bread develops relationships. There are lots of opportunities to eat delicious food, share, connect, and these will become some of your best memories and also the moments that often lead to new opportunities.

Push boundaries. We are trying new things each time, and this will continue in November. Keep it safe, keep it real, step outside the norm and see what happens. It is these moments that will be your “a-ha’s” and give you things you can take back and apply to your work and your life.

You return to work energized and reinvigorated. Ready to share with your own team your learnings and how together we can continue to do better meetings and events that attract and then engage our audiences in our rapidly evolving industry.

We encourage you to join us on either coast and together we will amp up the innovation!


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