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Watch it live here: Worldwide Times Dubai: 10am - 8pm Vancouver / US WST: 11pm - 8am US EST: 2am - 11am London: 7am - 4pm Cape Town / Denmark: 8am - 6pm Bahrain: 9am - 7pm Perth: 2pm - 11pm Sydney: 4pm - 1am New Zealand: 6pm - 3am … [Read more...]

Event Camp Middle East 2012! September 24th 2012

EventCamp middle east

After being the a founder of Eventcamp and technical producer for two EventCamps I am thoughly excitied about EventCamp Middle East! Event Camp Middle East 2012!  Lock it in your diary: 24th September 2012 Event Camps are growing in frequency and popularity around the world at the moment as they continue to achieve great successes...if you've never been to an Event Camp before, expect to explore what's new and exciting about event creation, event technology and event communities from the … [Read more...]

Announcing EventCamp Down Under!!!! Sydney Australia!

eventcamp down under

The first Event Camp for 2012 is locked and loaded - Event Camp Down Under will take place in Sydney, Australia on Feb 26th and 27th, with a remote pod in Auckland, New Zealand.  This is the first Australasian Event Camp ever - and whilst it's continuing the theme of exposing #eventprofs to what's cool and exciting in event tech and event management the organising team are also working hard to make sure it has an Aussie/NZ focus - green, fresh and innovative.  With great beer :)  Well, it will … [Read more...]

The Making of an Event Camp

eventcamp smores

The Making of an Event Camp 2 parts graham wafers 1 part chocolate 1 part delicious marshmallow Wait a minute! That is the recipe for a s’more, not an Event Camp. To make an Event Camp you have to gently combine the following ingredients: S’more Social Media 1 part Hybrid Technology 3 amazing Hybrid Hosts 1 mobile app with a pinch of sustainability Many great Collaborators A sprinkle of great presenters 1 dashing live host 100 engaged participants 2.5 days of amazing … [Read more...]

EventCamp’s Social Gaming Contest

On the last day of EventCamp I led a session with Midori Connolly (via Skype) called Winning with Social Gaming for Events. After a brief history and overview of gaming concepts, the participants were divided into four teams and were asked to create a game based on the following objectives: Education, Networking, Team Building and Problem-Solving. Once everyone got to work on creating interactive games for events, we realized that they needed more time  to fully develop their plans. This gave … [Read more...]

ECNC Chicago Live Stream Access

Today we are offering free live stream access to many sessions at EventCamp.  To access the stream please click here. For more information regarding the sessions being streamed please visit this page. See you on the Stream! … [Read more...]

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