Organize Your Own EventCamp!

EventCamp is a conference, whose genesis was inspired by a community of like-minded event professionals to collaborate, and network, in an engaging learning environment.  For more information regarding EventCamp, please click on our “About” tab at this website.

If you are interested in organizing and holding your own local or regional EventCamp, please review the suggested start-up guidelines outlined below.  We hope this information will be useful to you, and get you off to a smooth start with your event arrangements.

Once your EventCamp arrangements are definite, please contact us by email to advise of your dates and location.  We will then add your event to our schedule listed at this site.

Regional Event Camp Suggested Guidelines

Pick a Date — Do the following when identifying a date scenario:

  • Check for competing industry events in the local and regional area occurring during proposed dates.
  • Avoid Holidays & Other Significant Events (i.e. Super Bowl)
  • Date Planning Resources — DMAI and are examples of two online search resources to find information on other events.

Budget — Create a document to outline your financial plan.  It should include:

  • Event Funding — How will it be handled?  Where will your operating revenue come from? Registration Fees?  Sponsorships? Or, both?
  • Event Package — What’s included? Meals?  Breaks? Receptions?  Schwag?
  • Logistical Cost Components
    • Graphic Design — promotion work, website, etc.
    • Audio visual and Production
    • Photography
    • Labor
    • Function Space

Sponsors — Exercising diligence in securing donated financial, or in-kind services/products will go a long way towards helping keep admission costs down, for the event.  We suggest:

  • Contact Local and Regional Industry Suppliers — Companies having an interest in both the event and the anticipated participants.
  • Offer Tiered Sponsorship Levels — Be flexible and offer options.
  • Encourage In-Kind Sponsorships — Donating services and/or products is as important as cash donations.
  • “Chunk” Your Sponsorships — Break your budget items into manageable pieces that companies can “adopt”.  For example, allow one company to pay for lunch, and another for T-shirts, etc.  Arrange for those companies to write checks directly to vendors, and you will be handling less cash.
  • Visibly Acknowledge Sponsorship Support — Some places to do that are:
    • sponsor logos on T-shirts
    • Sponsor banners on Conference Website and Social communities
    • Signs in function area at the event
    • Slide presentations cycled in before and after sessions.
    • Video acknowledgment at conclusion of conference (i.e. Animoto)

Venue – Since EventCamp’s mission is to deliver a unique, and enhanced, learning experience,  at an affordable price,  you should consider all types of venues, including alternative “unconventional” facilities.  Most likely, that means you won’t be meeting in a Ritz Carlton, or some other luxury hotel brand.  Whatever your decision there are a few critical things to consider, when making a venue selection, given our community’s focus on social technology.

  • WiFi Access – Should be available, ideally on a complimentary basis, throughout the event facility.  You should test it, for realistic bandwidth speed, ahead of time.
  • Dedicated Internet T1 quality access — offer a private, secure network for live webcast presentations.  This should also be tested ahead of time to verify connection speeds and integrity.
  • Electrical Power — Most likely there will be heavy computer usage in the meeting rooms, ensuring plenty of power connections are available is mandatory.
  • Adequate Ceiling Heights and Clear Sight Lines — Meeting rooms, where webcasts will take place must have adequate ceiling height for cameras/camera operators to work efficiently. In addition, a room with pillars everywhere will make it nearly impossible for participants to clearly view any slide, or video support provided.

Ticketing and registration– We suggest using an online event registration service like EventBrite. Remember, if you are collecting payments into PayPal, or Google Checkout, you must validate a fully verified account, ahead of time, or registration funds may get frozen, during a transaction.

Program & Education Content — Select content and speakers/facilitators that align themselves with optimal adult learning practices.  If you need advice regarding this topic, contact Jeff Hurt, as he has a wealth of knowledge on the subject.  Strong audience engagement will lead to great education opportunities.

Additional Miscellaneous Issues

  • Official EventCamp Logo — We now have an official EventCamp Logo available for your use to assist with branding your EventCamp event.  Please click here to view your Logo Options.
  • Promote the Event — Use a Blog, Twitter, Facebook, and other Social technology channels to market the event as soon as possible, and encourage people to RSVP at least a week before the event.
  • Volunteers — Get as many volunteers as possible to help with registration, Human arrows, setup, food, schwag, trash, etc.
  • Supplies – Routers, projector, screen, power cords, pens, blank name badges (if you are going to have those), extra trash bags, water, and snacks.
  • Event Insurance — Don’t forget to find out if your venue requires event insurance:
  • Feedback — Sign up for a free account with PollDaddy, or SuveyMonkey so you can send a quick post-event survey to EventCampers and start planning for next year!

We wish you the very best of luck in putting together your own EventCamp Conference in your part of the world.  If at anytime you would like some assistance, please email us at, and one of our team will get back to you!

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